Hey hey! Keke here writing to you from Portland, Oregon. I’m 23 years old and to be honest a total crazy cat lady. I really love all animals! I have 2 fur babies that are 3 years old. Their names are Rex and Winnie. Aside from cats I adore all things fashion, decorating, eating, dancing, watching my fav shows and spending time with my amazing family.  

Rex looking all handsome in his bow tie!
Sleepy Winnie girl!

I also definitely wanted to take a moment to explain the name of this blog. I made the decision to start this blog after losing 50 pounds. After losing all that weight unfortunately my journey came to a halt over the holidays and I slipped back into some of my old ways including my terrible habit of binge eating. Somehow I didn’t gain any weight back, but at the same time I didn’t lose any either like I had planned to. Even though I have so much still to learn I know what needs to be done to do to lose the rest of the weight. Not all days are going to be easy and that’s okay. I just need to do my best to keep on keepin on with all these new good habits I’ve learned.

To help myself stay on track and hopefully inspire others I will be posting on this blog every Wednesday. I’m so excited to share all my thoughts and ideas. As always thank you so much for stopping by!


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