My Top 10 Tips for Weight loss

top 10 tips for weight loss

Happy hump day!! Hope you’re all having an amazing week so far. I wanted to share my top 10 tips for weight loss. Hope you enjoy reading.

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1. Use a planner or notebook.

Whether you life is crazy busy or more relaxed it can be helpful to keep track of your schedule on a daily basis. Once I started using a planner I felt like I had more control of my life and lots more time to incorporate the things that really mattered to me. No matter what your style or budget is, there is a planner out there for you! Having a planner can also be a great outlet to write down notes and reminders for yourself. Sometimes if I’m having a particularly difficult day trying to fight the urge to overeat I will make a little note in my planner to “not give in.” As I check my planner throughout the day I keep getting that little reminder. It totally helps me stay on track. Then at the end of the day as long as I didn’t give in I get to scribble it out. I know it sounds silly but it makes me feel like I conquered the day and I totally feel proud of myself for that! 

Check out this super cute planner from Amazon. I think I found my next one!

2. Track your calories good or bad.

I always feel so guilty when I have a day of binge eating because I realize how many calories I really ate. Sometimes I just want to pretend it didn’t happen but I know if I want to change I have to hold myself accountable for all the choices I make, good or bad. Rather than looking at my slip up like a failure I try to learn from it. It’s a chance to figure out why I over ate in the first place and what I can do next time to support myself in reaching this goal.


3. Start your day with a protein shake.

Occasionally my mom would buy protein shakes for my brother and if I was in a rush to leave or just didn’t want to cook I would just grab one of those. It had never occurred to me that protein shakes could actually taste good but I found that I enjoyed these shakes. After trying a couple different brands I realized there are many out there that I really like! I noticed when I started my day with a protein shake I had so much more energy that stayed with me through the whole day. Protein shakes also help me stay full longer so by the time I’m ready to eat again I can be satisfied with a smaller serving. Try it and see for yourself!

This is my favorite brand of protein shakes. They have a whopping 30 grams of protein and only 160 calories per bottle!


4. Take before pictures.

I failed on this one big time. I have always been overly self-conscious taking pictures but at my heaviest I especially was. It would have never been my idea to take a picture when in a social setting. To get pictures at my heaviest I had to have my sister send me some. I remember every time she brought up the idea to take a picture I’d always roll my eyes because I just hated how I looked. I appreciate them now though because it allows me to see how far I have come.  


5. Stay hydrated.

What seems to work for me is having a full glass of water with every meal and taking lots of sips throughout the day. It really helps to always have a water bottle with me. Staying hydrated keeps those annoying food craving at bay. Yay! There are all kinds of tips and tricks and even apps out there to help you track your water consumption and make sure you’re getting enough. It’s definitely worth looking into and seeing what speaks to you.

If your someone who hates the taste of water or maybe you just want to switch it up, here’s a few ideas:

  • Add fruit and/or lemon to your water
  • Mix ¼ cup juice with 2 cups water. It adds a nice fruity flavor to water but without all the calories and sugar of a full glass of juice.
  • Drinking green tea or whatever your go to tea is with a little honey. Green tea is great because it gives you metabolism a boost which definitely helps with losing weight.


6. Eat food you enjoy but don’t be afraid to try something new!

When I decided to buckle down and lose the weight I knew it had to include yummy food but at the same time I needed to be open to trying new things. Realizing I actually liked protein shakes was a great reminder of that. Eating healthy food I liked helped me make this a lifestyle change rather than a diet I couldn’t stick to.  


7. Eat small portions but eat often.

I like to eat small portions about every 2 to 3 hours, ideally eating 6 times a day. Eating like this helps reduce those intrusive cravings and controls your blood sugar. When trying to lose weight it also beneficial to have a cut off time. The problem with eating right before bed is our bodies become more likely to store those calories as fat which can make trying to lose weight really difficult. 7:30 pm seems to be perfect time for me to be done eating for the day and stay away from the kitchen.     


8. Be prepared for hunger to strike. Always pack a snack and water with you before leaving home.

This tip is an extension to the last one. I try to not ever let myself get too hungry because when I do I make bad food choices. One of my biggest weaknesses is fast food. I used to stop at drive thru’s all the time while out and about. When I’m hungry I tend to forget about the goals I set for myself and just act on that impulse to eat whatever is available. I still do this sometimes but lately I have been packing healthy snacks in my purse and bringing my water bottle with me everywhere I go. It’s seriously makes a huge difference and I find myself not needing to stop to get fast food. 

Having a fun water bottle always makes me more likely to bring it everywhere. I love this one!


9. Be patient with yourself. Losing weight takes time.

When I didn’t see the weight coming off as quickly as I would have liked I decided to just stick to it and find a feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day I gave my all. It helps me to not get too ahead of myself and just focus on putting in the work needed to reach my goals.


10. Be proud of yourself!

For me, deciding to lose weight was like deciding to turn my whole world upside down. All the habits I had grown so accustomed to needed to completely change. Taking on a weight loss journey is hard enough. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not perfect at it, be proud that you decided to make this lifestyle change! It can be totally scary to take on something new but you’re doing it and that is an accomplishment in itself!


top 10 tips for losing weight

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Weight Loss Perks and Why You’re Worth It

weight loss perks and why your worth it

When I began my weight loss journey I never really knew where it would take me. I figured since I feel crappy every single day maybe if I lose the weight I will feel better. That is how all of this started. Obviously I still have a long way to go but I have come to love this journey. I’m in it for the long haul now. One of the most amazing perks of losing a significant amount of weight is rediscovering your love of so many activities and experiences.

Weight loss perks and benefits

When I was younger and at a healthier weight I remember my life being so full of things I enjoyed. One thing I adored doing was blasting my favorite songs while dancing and singing. I will be the first to admit I’m a terrible dancer and singer but that didn’t matter because it was so much fun for me. Unfortunately the heavier I became the less I enjoyed that activity. Dancing became painful because being on my feet hurt. I would end up practically gasping for air and drenched in sweat after 10 minutes. After losing 50 pounds I’m finally starting to enjoy dancing around like an idiot again. What is lost can abso-freaking-lutely be found again.

Another amazing activity I found my love for again is shopping and all things fashion. After putting on almost 100 pounds I was hot and uncomfortable all the time and clothes just added to the discomfort. I began to lose my love of fashion and started spending more and more time wearing ratty old t-shirts and big comfy sweat pants. Which of course resulted in me spending more and more time hiding out in my room watching Netflix for way longer than I care to admit. It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? After losing about 40 pounds I decided to go shopping to get some new clothes. It became such a profound experience and I will never forget the feeling looking in the mirror in that dressing room after slipping into a cute little dress that actually fit. I felt so healthy and happy! It wasn’t just the fact that the dress fit but that shopping for clothes went surprisingly very smoothly. I realized it was because I felt better and was not distracted by all the annoying pain and discomfort of being overweight. Wandering through the store and I found myself mentally planning outfits and envisioning myself strutting around confidently in them. I found a little piece of myself that had been missing for so long.

The final activity I wanted to talk about is going out to eat with friends and family. I have to admit I’m totally food crazy! I love all the greasy, cheesy, fatty foods! At my heaviest going out to eat was a regular habit for me but it was never completely satisfying because I would end up feeling so self-conscious as I was scraping all the last little bits of food off my plate. I didn’t understand why I can finish my whole meal and still be hungry while everyone else ate only half of theirs. The fact is that I just had to face the reality that I had been using food as an emotional crutch for far too long. I was used to eating huge portions because that’s what made me feel good in the moment so anytime I was around food without even thinking I would just eat everything in sight.  We all have things that make us sad, stressed out and anxious. When those feeling invade your daily life and take over most your hours of the day I think it is human nature to try to find a way to escape it. So that’s what I did. After facing some of my issues with overindulging in food and losing 50 pounds I am happy to report the grass really is greener on the other side. Now going out to eat with family and friends truly is a treat. I’m not so focused on how much food I can shovel down without anyone noticing and more connected to the people or person I am with.

I want to encouraging anyone and everyone to not give up on the things that make you happy. Gaining weight can sometime make it difficult to enjoy some of your favorite activities but please know you’re worth it and deserve to have and live a life full of the experiences and people you love. I never wanted my weight to hold me back. You shouldn’t either! I know we all gain weight for different reasons. For some of us it is emotional eating, prescriptions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, digestive/health issues or maybe you just love food so much that you overindulge in food as much as you possibly can. The list goes on and on. Everyone has their own unique life journey but I truly believe no matter what your story is we are all in this together. I don’t know if this blog will reach anyone but if you’re reading this please know I would love to hear your particular story. Whatever that may be. I feel the more you surround yourself with people who support you in this journey the more beautiful your transformation becomes because not only are you transforming on the outside, you begin to transform on the inside too. As always thank you so much for reading!

To read more about my weight loss story click here.


weight loss perks and why your worth it

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